Investment Strategist, Westbourne Partners, Doha, Qatar

Job title: Investment Strategist

Company: Westbourne Partners

Job description: Position : Investment Strategist

Entity : Asset Management

Location: Doha, Qatar

Job Purpose Summary:

You will report to the Head of Investment Strategy and provide specialist investment-related expertise in support of all members of the bank (most especially to those who are operating in a client-facing and/or business development role). Work particularly closely with (and in support of) the AWM division’s Relationship Managers, Business Developers and all other client-facing staff, as well as Fund Managers and Research Analysts. Participate actively in client meetings and discussions (in the role of ‘Investment Strategist – asset management products and services’) where required by RMs/Business Developers, most especially with those in Private Banking, Retail and Asset Management.

Essential responsibilities:

  • Support the identification of new business opportunities re: the segmentation of clients and products, across all distribution channels.
  • Work with the Product Management unit to arrive at appropriate pricing structures/ policies.
  • Participate in regular business development discussions to review performance, to make product-related recommendations and to address any concerns.
  • Contribute to the attainment of AWM’s objectives, as measured by established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Contribute to the identification of new business opportunities, in conjunction with all unit heads.
  • Identify the market requirement for specific investment products/services based on established client need, market intelligence, market trends etc.
  • Recommend and ‘filter out’ particular products/services, based on established pre-approved selection criteria.
  • Provide guidance for sales pitches to strategically-important clients.
  • Manage the performance appraisals of all reporting staff, and monitor, motivate both peers and subordinates to perform as per all KPIs, as well as to ensure the achievement of universal client satisfaction.
  • Maintain efficient and close relationships with the principal investment-related Points-of-Contact (PoCs) in all branches, subsidiaries, affiliates in order to maximise the potential of all distribution channels.
  • Provide technical expertise, guidance and support to all staff, as and when requested.
  • Work with the AM Middle Office to ensure that all investment-related activity is in compliance with all policies/procedures/regulations as defined by all external regulatory authorities, across the various jurisdictions in which the bank operates.
  • Assume responsibility for monitoring the risk profile of those investment products which are recommended to clients.
  • Encourage Group-wide engagement with all product, marketing, regulatory and operational staff, with a view to fostering an effective, end-to-end investment product manufacture and distribution process which meets clients’ needs at all times. .
  • Actively contribute to the investment product development process.
  • Assess and comment on the performance of investment products, on an on-going basis.
  • Contribute to the assimilation of information relating to competitors’ offerings and market intelligence generally.
  • Contribute to discussions re: staff and product performance, as required.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the investment and funds management industry, focusing on mutual funds, structured products and portfolio management.
  • Be able to identify a client’s need for specific investment products, based on need/suitability, market trends and investment portfolio diversification.
  • Ability to make an effective case in favour of recommended investment products/’solutions’ to the bank’s Investment Management Committee
  • Exhibit a detailed understanding of economic ‘fundamentals’ as well as an ability to analyse their impact on financial markets.
  • An understanding of global taxation issues.
  • A close understanding of how to construct/manage investment portfolios, in accordance with client circumstances (including retirement planning) and risk appetite.
  • Demonstrate pre-emptive ‘thought leadership’ re: the suitability of all investment products/services.
  • Identify development needs (both personal and for others) and co-ordinate / organize appropriate technical and/or product training.
  • Ability to train and mentor colleagues, as required.

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • MBA with a minimum 8 years’ experience in the investment management industry.
  • CFA, CIM (Chartered Investment Manager) or equivalent.
  • Ability to relate to clients, at all levels. Although this is primarily a product specialist role, you will clearly be interacting, frequently, with clients. He or she will therefore need to be well versed and experienced in the area of business development also.
  • Excellent communication skills in English – with Arabic ability an added advantage.

Expected salary:

Location: Doha, Qatar

Job date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 22:53:19 GMT

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